Swedeform Garnhuset i Kinna GarneThe portfolio of this supplier from Sweden consists of yarns based on cotton, linen and cotton-linen mixtures. The raw ply yarn come from India (cotton), France (linen) and Germany (mixtures). Some of the yarns are certified, which is mentioned in our stock list where ever it applies. Dying is done by hank dying the ropes in “Garnfärgeriet C.Hedström AB”, a dying manufactory closely linked (same owner) to “Garnhuset”.
The yarns are dyed using reactive colors, which get their final resistance during washing it at 60°C. Before the first washing it is recommended to soak the fabric overnight in clear water, afterwards please squeeze the water and wash it straight away (no drying in-between) at 60° Celsius with normal detergent but without bleaching agents separately in our washing machine.
The comprehensive chart of color of actually about 60 different colors is permanently crowing and leaves almost nothing to be desired.

From this producer we are able to provide the characteristic of states of the yarns. The values for lightfastness, fastness to washing and abrasion resistance can be seen at the package band of each bobbin.

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